Thursday, May 9, 2013

A long Hiatus

I have been out for quite awhile, my tires are flat and my bike has collected dust. I went through a period of time where I was starting a new position in my company, with odd hours, and wasn't feeling to healthy in general. The 2013 promise: Budget Cycling is returning June with new updates! See you then!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Tubes

Well, I found out that my bike actually takes Shrader valves. It was given to me with Prestas in it so I assumed it was a presta bike. But lets say 3 pinched tubes and $30 later I am back on the road. I had to take a break due to increasing class demands but I promise you I am back and ready to hit the road with the start of summer!

Happy riding, and I will be posting more soon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Open Road

So, Up until now I had some irrational fear of hitting the open roads by myself. Part of this is due to the terrible number of cyclist deaths in my immediate area, and part because I was afraid I would strand myself too far from home to return comfortably. (Don't you dare Rule #5me). This kept me from doing any truly fulfilling solo rides, I was always stuck on the local bike trail that is over crowded and poorly maintained. However, tonight while doing a quick ride to get myself out of apathy mode, something interesting happened...

While I was cruising on my normal route, at one point I decided to take my friend "Tony The Tiger"'s advice and just hit the road. So I quite literally left the trail on impulse and went off randomly just following roads. Eventually this turned me back around to some messed up weave around my usual route, on roads with both friendly and unfriendly drivers, and finally back home with the same mileage as just taking my compact normal route. The advantage, however, being my solo road cherry is broken and now I can't wait to tackle some longer roads!

All in all, this did exactly what it needed to do for me. It has taken the initial fear out of riding along side of cars without being in a group. Now I can plan for, and partake in longer road-based solo rides and actually get my quads pumping.

Now before any one get's on me about being slow are stupid or anything such as that. I would like to ask them, how they started out in the world of cycling. Honestly, I don't think I am that bad off for having just under 200 miles and 13 hours since I started seriously riding. I do a lot of reading, learning and pushing to get myself ready for that next level. All hail the hypno cog.

Budget Cycling

The Lano

My Vilano Tuono 2010 has seen some miles underneath me, but I plan on pushing it to its very end. And yet I know I will have this bike for a long, long time. Even after I have moved on to a much better, entry-level bike.

While I admit I need to get on the thing and Rule #5 the hell out of it. I am still finding myself nervous about hitting the roads near where I live by myself. Cyclists are routinely killed on these roads, and that isn't a list I want to join any time soon.

Now I have been spending time pouring over google maps, searching for routes I can take that mostly avoid these major roads, I am "boxed" in by high traffic density, high-speed roads. I am sure I will find a solution, wether it is to take the trail to slower roads or to just hit them and pound my quads.

It's going to be a little while yet before I can start hitting the gym regularly like I really want too, but as the title suggests I am on a tight budget. Both in money and time, having upwards of 40 hours of class a week on what one would consider a swing schedule. Sometimes I find it hard to even crawl on my bike and fit a good ride in. However, despite this I have started experimenting with workouts I can do at home, with just my laptop and and household items. One thing I have picked back up, (what a blast from the past, circa highschool) is Yoga, and I have realized how stiff I have become. I am sure a few months of morning yoga every day will bring me back to the stretch my muscles knew when I was a bit younger. Luckily, despite being out of the game for nearly an entire month due to being mostly bed-ridden sick; I have found my fitness to not have declined as much as I had previously thought. Still easily holding my own in a c-class group ride sure put a smile on my face.

Trying to follow my eating habits and change them from my previous "College student diet" of whatever was infront of me, to something more palatable and pertaining to muscle growth has been difficult. Especially since it is much more affordable to purchase medium to low grade foods (white bread, sandwich meats, chips, english muffins, cereal, ramen etc.) than the things that would really help me with proper diet. In the long run, I have found it is totally worth it to invest in a recovery drink after a rather intensive ride; or before if you haven't had time to eat. A good recovery drink post-ride will have you feeling better than you did before!

Well, that is what I got for now. I am going to try and get more pictures, tips, and websites to frequent for you as I have been doing a lot of reading and research. Till then, have fun, share the road, and be safe!

Budget Cycling

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Thanks to a local shop having a really great sale, I found myself able to get new shorts (6 panel), a new jersey, and new socks. All for quite a bit less than $100. This is excellent for me, as the confidence and comfort boost are immeasurable. Now that my health has returned, it is time to stack the miles!

With weekly rides with the Seminole Cyclists (college schedule permitting, since it changes every month), and increasing the distance and locales of my solo rides, I am hoping to move my way up in to B or B+ by the end of the summer. Maybe do the cross-florida ride next spring?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Down for the Count

It figures, almost immediately after acquiring my first road bike and setting forth training and practicing for events and group rides I came down with a nasty nasty flu. Nearly bedridden and barely keeping up with school work at the same time, I haven't even wanted to so much as look at my bike for the last week. It isn't over yet, and I am sure I will be back on the road in no time!

On the side, I would like to cover something important: Cycle Clothing.

So I have my bike now, that is a major leap in my favor, especially for the price point in which I acquired it. I also have a reliable, awesome group to cycle with called Seminole Cyclists. But the next step, is riding comfortably.

Cyling Jerseys are important, they are made out of breathable wicking materials, and even have handy pockets across the back for phones/bottles/tools. Cycling shorts are also important, made of similar materials, and with a pad placed on the rear for seat cushioning. Some may laugh at this, but when you are riding seriously it is a necessity.

Now these can be very expensive, you can easily find yourself spending hundreds of dollars on a full riding outfit. Over the course of the next week or so I will be investing in some clothing, so expect some coverage on how I did it within my budget and abilities!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A New (old) Road Bike

So I set out to get myself a road bike. Realizing I was being held back by my slightly modified mongoose mountain bike after riding the 25 mile Tour De Cure Lake Nona, I began asking around. Finally a local group of cyclists told me they had an older road bike in their inventory, and would give it to me really cheap. I lunged on the offer, and a week later I now have a nice Road Bike that is changing the way I ride.

So you want to road bike but cant find a bike? Look for local cycle groups or yard sales. If you can find a road bike that isn't in the best condition, don't worry if you are getting it at a steal! You can get quite a few things (at the same time even) fixed for less than a fill up at the gas pump!

All told my bike has run me only about $160, and that is including a new helmet, gloves, water bottle rack and new basket peddles.

That is in my budget!